Being Sold


No one likes to feel like they are being “sold”! I attended an event recently and the presenter spoke about the fact that people work with certain businesses and people because of three services or reasons. So it made me stop and think about what my three benefits are. Why do people choose me as their Realtor, and I thought I knew... BUT, something happened that changed my mind.

Having just purchased my first new car in umpteen years, I got the opportunity to “be sold”... and I can tell you I didn’t like it! I told the salesman that the minute I stepped out of the car that I am a salesperson myself, so I do NOT want to be sold and I am not taking a car home tonight – just being upfront with you.

I had done my homework and had narrowed the choices to three based on performance, warranty, safety, and the look of the car. Honestly, the most important was the cost of servicing the car when the warranty ran out. Having had a car with no warranty for the past couple years has been very costly in maintenance. I know I use the car a lot and I am hard on the car, but good grief, it started to be more than I could tolerate.

I test drove the car I bought and knew it was the one, but I had already said I am not taking it home tonight - I knew I couldn’t change my mind. The salesman asked me to come inside and run some numbers and I was okay with that. Once inside, the pressure started with the assumptive close questions. Then the used car sales manager came over and pressured me about trading mine. Then, the finance guy came over and before the meeting was done the salesman finally confessed to me that I stood between him and his $500 bonus. Believe me when I say this, I stood my ground! I left with my old car I came in with and decided to “think about it”.

So, I went back to the question the presenter had asked “why do your clients work with you?” I now know:

1. No HIGH-PRESSURE sales but provide sound advice

2. Honesty, integrity, and ethical values

3. AND MOST IMPORTANT TO ME – My deals are NOT just a transaction they are a relationship.

Anybody can do the “DEAL”, but when you have someone working with you that has your best interest at heart, has a proven track record of morals, high ethical standards and integrity, and most importantly can stay in contact with you even after the closing and continue the relationship ... I would say you haven’t been SOLD, but you have SUCCEEDED!

So, let me ask you ... do you know why you work with certain companies or why your clients may choose to work with you? Can you answer that question quickly without thinking about it? If not, now is the time to think about it and ask yourself what makes them different?

We have to always be thinking of ways to stand out in our client’s minds and there is no better time that now to do this. I promise to always add value to our relationship and look forward to building our relationship in the future!

With Gratitude,

Jay Fletch – Your Real Estate Consultant for Life

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