Respect and Gratitude

Respect and Gratitude – We’ve Lost it.

As I look back over the events of the past few weeks, months, and even years, I am saddened by the path our country has been on. As I look ahead to the new year, I hope to see a significant restoration of gratitude and respect in our country. We’ve somehow forgotten these qualities as a nation. Indignation, bitterness, and despair have replaced respect and gratitude for many people, leading us to division and widespread cultural consequences that are illustrated in a variety of ways.

Demonstrations of disrespect, nonstop media coverage of all the negativity, endless pitting of one group against the other has become the new norm. It is so rare to see or hear about positive events on the news or in our social feeds. We are drowning in pessimism and criticism without being given a chance to breathe in some optimism and hope! This lack of respect goes beyond politics - it is occurring across our society to a degree that we haven’t witnessed in decades. It is happening in our homes, schools, communities, and around the world. Our lack of respect and gratitude is affecting the relationships families have with their children, teachers with students, and police officers with citizens.

We continue to see extreme examples of disrespect in the senseless shootings and attacks that have taken the lives of too many innocent people. We have completely lost any regard for one another.

Thankfully, we each have the opportunity, to set a better example to change the course our country has taken. Together, we can make an impact! It starts with showing respect. We MUST lead by example. We need to allow people like our police officers, military, fire fighters, etc. to do the jobs they have been hired to do. We need to respect the fact that they are putting their lives on the line each and every day! We need to politely discourage disrespectful behavior and instead encourage each other to discover and embrace the fabric in which our country was founded upon.

Gratitude is an essential element of giving and receiving respect. Until we take the time to show appreciation for all that is going well in our lives, communities, and countries, we will not be able to recognize, appreciate, or respect others. I hope you’ll join me in committing to promote a call for respect and to be grateful for all that we have been blessed with. Together, let’s focus on what is good, what is right, and what is positive. We need to make a difference now so that we can be proud to pass on the foundation of our society to the next generation.


Jay Fletch – Your Real Estate Consultant for Life

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